Trailer Repair

Most drivers take good care of their trailers, and even know how to do some quick fixes themselves. A leaky cylinder rod is pretty simple to diagnose, and a platform that refuses to rise is easy to troubleshoot. But especially during the winter season, trucks and trailers are highly susceptible to more serious problems. You might get snowed in, for example, or hit a particularly nasty bit of black ice. The Truck Repair Hub team wants you to be armed with a mobile app that can get you help in all situations – rain, snow or sun. Download our state-of-the-art platform, and you will be ready to find trailer repair shops nearest you no matter what time of year it is.

Cannot Find when you need it

Think about the last time you were driving your trailer, and needed immediate assistance. Wouldn’t you have loved to have had a searchable directory, of all the trailer repair businesses in your vicinity? With the Truck Repair Hub app on your mobile device, you can look up trailer repair shops regardless of where your trailer adventures take you. We support drivers who need on-the-road help for trailers ranging from multifunctional flatbeds to massive removable gooseneck truck trailers.

We are with you

Think of the Truck Repair Hub as a real-time database that fits right in your back pocket. On our app, you can easily look up trailer mechanics and experts, no matter where you are in North America. Browse trailer repair shops by those nearest you, or by city and state. If you know the job will take you through Toronto, Canada, you can prepare early by going on our hub and surfing through a comprehensive list of trailer truck facilities in the city. If you require a professional to check your tailgate control while driving across St. Louis, you’ll find a local expert on our platform.

Stop Googling

Use our technology to get expedited trailer repairs and service, whether you need of a tail lift solution or roadside assistance due to a breakdown. The Truck Repair Hub team wants you to stop wasting time Googling for trailer shops near you and get back to managing your fleet and running an agile business.

Find the right service

At the Truck Repair Hub, we firmly believe that both seasoned and new drivers alike should be able to solve all of their truck trailer problems with a touch of a button. Imagine getting into a terrible accident, while carrying 40,000 pounds of lumber. No one wants to deal with a leaky roof, as they are rolling through rainy Louisiana! And nothing ruins a cross-country road trip like some faulty wheel bearings. So whether you own one trailer truck, two trailer trucks, or a whole fleet of them, download the Truck Repair Hub app today!

If your company handles trailer truck repairs, contact the Truck Repair Hub to be included on our list of shops. We want your brand to be easily discovered on the Truck Repair Hub website and app. Drive up traffic to your business, by working with our hands-on team.