Towing Services

Think about the last time you needed a tow while on the job. How long did it take you to find help? How much time did you waste, picking a towing service that was both affordable and highly rated? How frustrated did you feel, when your only resource was Yelp? Would it have been much, much easier if you had a fully searchable database, dedicated to professional towing service companies near you?

When its Emergency

One of the most exasperating moments on the job is waiting to be rescued, after experiencing a serious predicament on the road (especially when it’s the dead of night!) Emergencies can strike anywhere, at any time. Sometimes, it isn’t even your fault! Thus, The Truck Repair Hub team is committed to providing truck drivers with fast, real-time access to towing services near them. Our mission is to leave no trucker stranded.

Find the right service

Since many tow truck services are equipped to handle only certain types of situations and vehicles, being near you isn’t the only factor you should consider when picking among a list of options. Not all of them offer 24-hour roadside assistance, for instance, and many cannot handle heavy equipment. If you drive a flatbed or a tanker, you certainly know what we’re talking about. Your vehicle is your livelihood, so it’s critical that the tow provider who services you treats it with the utmost respect and care. The Truck Repair Hub app gives you all the details you need to make sure you find the right business, right away, and for free. Experiencing a mishap on the road is extremely stressful, and our team never wants you to make a misinformed choice because you were not thinking clearly. We want to empower you with the technology to quickly make smart decisions, and so have developed the Truck Repair Hub to do all of the heavy liftings for you!

Look before hire

With the Truck Repair Hub app, you can access towing services near you with a push of a button. Find and connect with a trained dispatcher, on our intuitive platform. We will help you find a business that is fully equipped with all the tools to pull your big rig or trailer to safety. Get your vehicle picked up and dropped off swiftly, so that you can get back to doing what you do best.

The Truck Repair Hub app also lets you search by country, city and state. We cover towing companies located in the United States and Canada, including shops which handle flatbed towing and heavy-duty towing. With our app, you won’t have to worry the next time you have a terrible accident or an unexpected breakdown. Just download it, and you will be prepared for anything!

If you are a professional towing provider looking to expand your business and get new customers, reach out to the Truck Repair Hub, and we will get in touch with you right away! Our company’s vision is to transform the industry for the better by connecting truck drivers with service providers, through a cutting-edge and reliable platform.