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Nothing spoils an exhausting day behind the wheel like needing a tire replaced. You’re cruising blissfully down the I-10, when your vehicle gives a sudden jerk. Every time you accelerate, you hear a terrible grating sound. There’s definitely something wrong with your old wheel bearings, and you desperately need to find someone who can give you an upgrade.

Let’s end this scene and switch to another one. The job has taken you to a new city, and you are struggling to locate a trustworthy shop to install new tires onto your eighteen-wheeler. One of the biggest headaches truck drivers face is finding reputable service providers in an area they’ve never traveled to before.

From wheel bearing fixes to full tire installations, the businesses listed on the Truck Repair Hub’s tire shop are well-trained and capable of handling tire problems, big and small. Our innovative online platform was developed to get you connected with them quickly and easily. Whether you are driving on the busy I-10 or just passing through Leiper's Fork, we guarantee you will find local tire professionals on our app.

The Tire Shop

On the Truck Repair Hub cover all of your big name tire brands – such as Roadlux, Dunlop, Road Warrior, Advance and Otani. They also offer a full range of tire services – including tire installation, wheel alignments, and tire rotation.

So if you’re tired of Googling for tire shops near you, download the Truck Repair Hub app now!

Every feature on our platform was created with the trucker in mind. We did the research, and pinpointed the need: truckers want to be able to access local tire shops with just a touch of a button. Whether you are a fleet owner or an independent driver, our app will help you maximize efficiencies and streamline operations – on the road, and off.

Our Team

If your electrical systems are failing or are close to doing so, it’s best to call in the experts. Use the search function on our site, and you will find the right service near you.

Our team knows that being a trucker is not easy. Plenty of us has to spend a July 4th weekend on the road. We’ve gotten used to the long stretches of solitude, and the constant stench of diesel fuel. The job can not only be physically challenging but mentally draining. Sometimes, it takes you to the middle of nowhere when all you desire is to be at home. The last thing you want to worry about is locating a reputable tire shop. So if you need to find a tire shop in an emergency situation, the Truck Repair Hub has got your back. Even if you just want to browse all the businesses in your area, we’ve got you covered.

The Truck Repair Hub platform cover all of North America. You can also surf tire shops by country, city and state. Find a professional who can replace your worn-out Firestone, or an esteemed mechanic who can recommend the best tire for all-season performance. Discover a tire shop in the middle of nowhere, or one that offers 24/7 assistance. Our mission is to become the number one app for truck drivers who need to locate tire shops nearest them. If you are interested in having your business included in our comprehensive directory, reach out to our team today.