Road Services

Many members of the Truck Repair Hub team launched their careers driving semis and pickups across the nation. The recollection of climbing into their first truck still makes them smile, and some of them have been driving the same rig for years.


Do you remember that time your brakes froze after spending a freezing, icy night at a truck stop in Wyoming? What about those frustrating three hours you spent sitting in an emergency lane, waiting for someone to rescue you after your air compressor quit? We’ve heard plenty of horror stories over the years. Many of us have experienced a blown engine on a jam-packed freeway ourselves. We empathize with drivers who have gotten a flat tire on some off-ramp, and totally understand that no matter how well and regularly you maintain your vehicle, unexpected things occur on the road. Preventative care can only go so far, and with some drivers clocking in well over 125,000 miles a year, breakdowns and mishaps happen. So when you need expert roadside assistance pronto, just take out your phone and open our Truck Repair Hub app! We have a full menu of service types for you to choose from – including tows, jumpstarts, lockouts, and tire changes.

Extreme Situations

Getting serviced immediately is a trucker’s topmost priority. Just imagine breaking down on a shoulder – with cars, heavy haulers and other big rigs zipping by you, the likelihood of an accident is extremely high. The Truck Repair Hub wants you to be fully prepared for every type of emergency. With our intuitive app, you can quickly find nearby emergency roadside service providers based on your geolocation. There’s absolutely no need to waste precious seconds orienting yourself, looking for road signs and familiar landmarks, or even typing in text! The Truck Repair Hub app allows you to obtain speedy help, hassle-free.

Stay on Schedule

Designed with the trucker in mind, the Truck Repair Hub’s innovative roadside assistance platform will have you back on the road in no time. Think of us as a digital rolodex of well-trained mechanics and first-rate service shops. Our list of businesses span the United States and Canada. No matter where your truck driving job takes you, you are guaranteed to find a reputable roadside service provider that will solve your problem efficiently. Breakdowns are not only nerve-racking and stressful, but can impact business and delay tight delivery timelines. The Truck Repair Hub wants to make sure every driver stays on schedule by helping them connect with quality assistance fast whenever and wherever they run into an emergency situation on the road.

If you are a service provider, showcase your business on our platform. The Truck Repair Hub makes it absolutely seamless to find and respond to nearby drivers in urgent need of assistance. Our app’s clean and responsive interface makes it the ultimate canvas to promote your brand. Our dedicated team is here to help you boost your business, get new leads, and build customer loyalty. Contact us today!