About Us

Truck Repair Hub is a premiere online platform, built and designed to connect truck-related businesses with truckers. From certified DOT medical examiners to reputable mechanics; local repair shops to branded dealerships; a boutique hotels to franchise inns – our locator includes just about every type of service the on-the-go driver needs.

Truck Repair Hub was launched by a team of truckers and fleet managers who’ve been in the industry for over two decades. Having faced their fair share of challenges in the business and on the road, they decided to create a one-stop solution that would address all of the issues they’d run into over the years, including:

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Difficulty in finding quality service – fast – when facing a breakdown on a busy interstate
Find DOT Examiners
Limited information on how to prepare for a DOT exam and find a validated examiner
Find All Truck Related services
Lack of a marketplace dedicated strictly to trucks and trailers

Find Tire Repair Service

Truck Repair Hub has since become the modern-day trucker’s number one companion. Our sleek mobile app (available for free on both Android and iOS) empowers every hardworking trucker by allowing them to focus on just two things: the road and the job.

Whether you drive a tanker, a flatbed or a heavy hauler, you’ll never have to worry about finding quick, professional service the next time a tire blows out, or you need an emergency tow at 3 AM! The Truck Repair Hub platform boasts thousands of trustworthy businesses who are more than eager to help you get back on the road.

At Truck Repair Hub, our mission is to foster meaningful and long-term relationships between businesses and truckers. We want to open the lines of communication and mutually benefit both parties. We understand, for instance, that it’s not easy to get your name out there as a small, local mechanic. If you’re a truck driver, we know how stressful it is when your eighteen-wheeler suddenly breaks down. Life on the road isn’t easy, which is why one of Truck Repair Hub’s main goals is to eliminate unnecessary stressors through our state-of-the-art technology, friendly support services and 24/7 platform.

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Truck Repair Hub was designed with the mobile, digitally-savvy trucker in mind, and is so much more than a search service. Check out our blog for insights, thoughts and musings from fellow drivers. Contact us if you’re interested in having your business sponsored on our platform. Developed by drivers and businesses for drivers and businesses, Truck Repair Hub won’t let you down!